05/2019 Grand Canyon

Pulled in to Grand Canyon NP to an unexpected snow storm. Camped in my car but still made for a cold night!
Cold sleeping arrangement
Walking the rim to Hermits Rest
Me & Tony start the hike to Phantom Ranch
Cold & windy
Warning signs along the trail!
Heading into Phantom Ranch
Central guest house for meals
Our bunks with several snoring men
Chow time. Family style dinner. Great food and company
The Colorado River on the way back up to the rim

2018 Antelope Island & Moab

Antelope Island, look whats lying in our path!

Right before stumbling on the bison in the first picture

Cruising through Antelope Island State Park

Day 1 route

Woke up to snow in Park City. Few phone calls later, we’re riding Antelope Island, felt like another world

Snow in PC, so 4 hour ride to Moab. Great decision

Another climb

around the rim


cruising Navajo Rocks

The after party. hanging out at the trail head with other riders, drinking beer and sharing stories.

Me & cousin Tony

at the edge

white cap mountains in the distance

snapped spoke

a needed break

Later in day 3, hiking Arches National Park


don’t look down

yes we did


casting our shadows on the mountains

09/2018 Santa Fe, NM

Working my way up Dale Ball in Santa Fe

Great trail markings all along Dale Ball

Unfortunately, I was in way over my head! Really tough course at high altitude.

The start at Dale Ball

Local street art

Beth & I eating at The Shed in Santa Fe

Route 66 artwork

Our hotel

One last meal on the way to the airport on Route 66

05/18 Birthday weekend, MB Tsali, 10 mile trail run race, 55 mile Silk Sheets

Total mudfest in Tsali, NC. Rained all night, but sunny day and the course rode great.

View from on top of Tsali, NC

View from Left Loop at Tsali

Overlook at Tsali

Narrow trails

What a great treat, bike wash station at the end of the ride

Stayed the night in a bunk bed at Smokey Mountain Hostel in Bryson City, NC. Great place and friendly people.


Sunday- Sammy and D met pulled me along for a 55 mile road ride through Silk Sheets. Great start to turning 50!