05/18 Birthday weekend, MB Tsali, 10 mile trail run race, 55 mile Silk Sheets

Total mudfest in Tsali, NC. Rained all night, but sunny day and the course rode great.
View from on top of Tsali, NC
View from Left Loop at Tsali
Overlook at Tsali
Narrow trails
What a great treat, bike wash station at the end of the ride
Stayed the night in a bunk bed at Smokey Mountain Hostel in Bryson City, NC. Great place and friendly people.


Sunday- Sammy and D met pulled me along for a 55 mile road ride through Silk Sheets. Great start to turning 50!

04/18 BRAG Spring Tune-Up


Another year at the BRAG spring tune-up. Clod nights and sunny days
BRAG at Sunflower Farm
Great live music both nights
After 100 mile ride, headed to Tommy’s birthday party, then back to BRAG
Home base
Things getting strange at night! horse & Trex dancing the night away