12…I mean 6 Hours of Tsali

The start to a really wet and muddy day. Race cut short because of the conditions
After 1 loop, total muddfest
Took a big spill down a steep hill. Not a fun day, way too muddy
Prerace parking lot, wet but still had a chance to be fun
The night before, Bryson City down town

05/2019 Grand Canyon

Pulled in to Grand Canyon NP to an unexpected snow storm. Camped in my car but still made for a cold night!
Cold sleeping arrangement
Walking the rim to Hermits Rest
Me & Tony start the hike to Phantom Ranch
Cold & windy
Warning signs along the trail!
Heading into Phantom Ranch
Central guest house for meals
Our bunks with several snoring men
Chow time. Family style dinner. Great food and company
The Colorado River on the way back up to the rim