Tucson, AZ

Day 1: Honeybee Canyon for some fast and fun singletrack
A cow on the trail???
Honeybee Canyon and Rail X,Ranch, perfect flow trails
Watch out for the cactus and native plants, needles everywhere. I took several thorns to the foot and leg!
smooth trails
Strange artwork in Tucson
Every Saturday at 4:20, a Grateful Dead cover band plays here
Day 2 road ride to Saguaro National Park from Canyon Ranch. New state & new NP, a good day
Saguaro NP n a loaned ride from Canyon Ranch
Share the road!
The ride back, bike paths everywhere
Coyotes roaming the neighborhood
A stream between us and Saguaro…walk carefully
Day 3, Sabino Canyon
Cruising through Sabino Canyon
Chasing unknown rider through Sabino
Day 4: making our way up Mt. Lemmon
Craig, from Canyon Ranch, babysat me up Mt. Lemon.
Hoodoos as we head up
Oh crap, the must have water 7 miles from the top wasn’t working!
We made it! 8,400 ft at the summit, 4:10 to get to the top, only 1 hour to get down. Great day

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