Chattanooga, TN

A hike into Cloudland Canyon & spent some time relaxing next to this waterfall
noog scenic mountain 2
Scenic Overlook Drive, well worth the climb.


noog Cloudland Canyon view
Cloudland Canyon
noog Cloudland Canyon
Made it to the entrance of Cloudland Canyon State Park
noog gas station
Crazy little convenience store- restaurant just outside Cloudland Canyon. Great sandwich and even better conversations with the local old timers. The restaurant was in the back of the store, I wish I had snapped a few photos of the locals, they made the ride a lot of fun.
noog scenic drive
View from the runway that the sky gliders were jumping from. They are out of their mind!
Nooga artwork
Artwork in Chattanooga near the river.
nooga Ironman
The legendary Mile Riley calling the inaugural Ironman Chattanooga. It was great to listen to Mike call the finish of two great friends Paul & Sudie, great job guys!


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