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05/18 Birthday weekend, MB Tsali, 10 mile trail run race, 55 mile Silk Sheets

Total mudfest in Tsali, NC. Rained all night, but sunny day and the course rode great.
View from on top of Tsali, NC
View from Left Loop at Tsali
Overlook at Tsali
Narrow trails
What a great treat, bike wash station at the end of the ride
Stayed the night in a bunk bed at Smokey Mountain Hostel in Bryson City, NC. Great place and friendly people.


Sunday- Sammy and D met pulled me along for a 55 mile road ride through Silk Sheets. Great start to turning 50!

04/18 BRAG Spring Tune-Up


Another year at the BRAG spring tune-up. Clod nights and sunny days
BRAG at Sunflower Farm
Great live music both nights
After 100 mile ride, headed to Tommy’s birthday party, then back to BRAG
Home base
Things getting strange at night! horse & Trex dancing the night away

11/2017 Bull and Jake Mountain

Cold & wet!
Completed the entire IMBA Epic loop of Bull & Jake Mountain
Forgot about all the creek crossings. Cold day, even colder water. Happy for wool socks.
Stacked rocks at the end of a 7 mile climb means we’re at the top.
Forgot about all the creek crossings. Cold day, even colder water. Happy for wool socks.
A 24 mile loop turned into 36 miles over 6 hours. So much for well marked trails. Still a great way to spend the day.

2017 Augusta 1/2 Ironman

One last photo after a long hot race!
Getting ready at the swim start. 1.2 mile swim…all down stream
Crowd gathers at the swim start
HOT run, made for a painful end of the race
Dinner at Uncle Skinny’s. Cousin Tony, Uncle Skinny, my dad and Linda (taking photo) post pasta. Great to be around my family.

08/17 Vienna on Bike

My wheels for Vienna
Street art
First Vienna ride. Headed miles from the city center to find a place to eat where no one speaks English. Success! Not a word of English spoke in this town.
Family ride along the Danube River, time for ice cream
Cruising along the Danube
Family after hike to top of the mountain
Dinner on the Danube
The future? Maybe not…

Tucson, AZ

Day 1: Honeybee Canyon for some fast and fun singletrack
A cow on the trail???
Honeybee Canyon and Rail X,Ranch, perfect flow trails
Watch out for the cactus and native plants, needles everywhere. I took several thorns to the foot and leg!
smooth trails
Strange artwork in Tucson
Every Saturday at 4:20, a Grateful Dead cover band plays here
Day 2 road ride to Saguaro National Park from Canyon Ranch. New state & new NP, a good day
Saguaro NP n a loaned ride from Canyon Ranch
Share the road!
The ride back, bike paths everywhere
Coyotes roaming the neighborhood
A stream between us and Saguaro…walk carefully
Day 3, Sabino Canyon
Cruising through Sabino Canyon
Chasing unknown rider through Sabino
Day 4: making our way up Mt. Lemmon
Craig, from Canyon Ranch, babysat me up Mt. Lemon.
Hoodoos as we head up
Oh crap, the must have water 7 miles from the top wasn’t working!
We made it! 8,400 ft at the summit, 4:10 to get to the top, only 1 hour to get down. Great day